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Spectaculaire zonsopgang vanochtend !

25 jun

Op weekend in eigen huis

25 mei

Just back from a 4rd sunny week-end in one of our own guestrooms :)) Rouge mon Amour ☀️☀️☀️Great to experience where our guests stay:))!! A swim before breakfast in the garden, picking cherries of the trees, followed by a virtual family apéro and then a great brill grilled prepared by my personal chef. We told the hosts we will be back for another round!! They still remembered us from last week-end!!! Stay safe !

Spread the word, make a reservation for your next break ! La vie est belle. Come and enjoy. Welkom in onze culinaire maison d’hôtes, we zijn er klaar voor!

Anouck & Joris

Your culinary guesthouse in Morbihan since 2005

Hou je mailbox in de gaten

30 apr

Onze zondagse mailing komt eraan. Geniet van de zonsopgang !

Sta je nog niet in ons bestand ? Laat dan even bericht per mail, dan nemen we je mee op in onze zondagse mailing met goed nieuws.

Anouck & Joris